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Procédure de vente BTC via Royal Escrow - TRADE TO PRICE

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Procédure de vente BTC via Royal Escrow

Crypto & Dérivés

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Un entiercement est un arrangement financier où un tiers détient et réglemente le paiement des fonds requis pour deux parties impliquées dans une transaction donnée. Il permet de sécuriser les transactions en conservant le paiement dans un compte séquestre sécurisé qui n'est libéré que lorsque toutes les conditions d'un accord sont remplies, comme supervisé par la société d'entiercement (Royal Escrow).

1) Confirmation par les mandataires des éléments de la transaction :
- Quantité BTC, F
- First Trial
- Tranche
- Gross (discount et commissions)
- Acceptation par le Vendeur e l’Acheteur de la procédure ci-dessous et du tutoriel Royal Escrow  (en pièce-jointe) https://royalescrow.com/register
- Généalogie des intervenants
- Répartitions des commissions.
2)Rédaction de la NCNDA avec CIS passeport afin de pouvoir satisfaire la DD imposée par la  plateforme Royal Escrow
3)  Le Vendeur charge son compte RoyalEscrow avec les BTC (bitcoins)
4) L’Acheteur approvisionne son compteRoyal Escrow avec des fonds prêts (et propres)
5) Le Vendeur invite l’Acheteur à communiquer son code de transaction au vendeur
6) Dès validation le vendeur sera confirmé par Royal Escrow qui gèrel'opération et garanti les intérêt de tous.


**The questions that should be great to get answers about for the seller is

1) Procedur to onboard. Step by step
Visit: https://royalescrow.com/register
Royal Escrow Seller Process -
• If you wish to be a permanent seller, you can easily load up your account with BTC (bitcoins) and invite your buyer anytime for exchange with a transaction code. Fee is 1%
• For a temporal trade whereby providing our escrow service, you can load up after conducting KYC. Submit bank information for deposit, attached with requested KYC proof.
Fee is 0.025%
• To load up funds and store with us only? Is a setup fee of $1000 (withdrawal-able test $500) and balance left in account.
3) KYC:
Know Your Customer (KYC) mandates that companies who are active within the financial services sector, must carry out due diligence on their clients to verify their identity and prevent identity theft, fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. Royal Escrow compliance experts across the globe are always at hand to streamline your KYC journey. These specialists conduct an in-depth analysis of the corporate structure, so that you can know who you are working with Governments all over the world have imposed stringent laws and regulations – such as Anti Money Laundering Directive 4 and Alternative investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) - to ensure companies take a hard look at their business’ partnerships and clients.
Companies are expected to screen new clients according to a range of criteria and in accordance with regulations and sanction lists. Furthermore, once the check is done, the results have to be periodically reviewed in accordance with new lists and regulations.
Royal Escrow’s track record of success in delivering compliance services to businesses, and our truly global presence, allow us to manage KYC processes efficiently. We use the same system and tools to perform our own KYC checks and we have a straightforward fee structure which can easily be transferred to your end user when required.
Royal Escrow Group’s KYC Compliance Services:
We offer a autonomous assessment on compliance with KYC obligations (AML, AIFMD, FATCA and CRS), and have built our own database solution to manage and maintain the process. Through our software, we provide clients with an easy to use, automated and safe way to stay compliant with KYC requirements.
We assist clients in 4 special areas:
Customer identification, verification and due diligence / KYC requirements and screening. Clients provide us with KYC compliance documents via our online portal. We perform due diligence (identification, information collection, sanction list screening, UBO check and PEP check). Results are reported back to the client.
Registration and maintenance of identification / KYC and due diligence documents:
Due diligence information is filed in our secure database for future inspection by clients or regulators (if required). We also facilitate the registration in accordance with local regulations, such as the EU law.
A periodical re-assessment and updates:
Depending on the risk rating, we are able to perform periodical reviews of due diligence information, taking into account current regulations and the client’s requirements. Furthermore, we perform ‘event checks’ when events occur that could, or do, affect the risk assessment of your clients. This helps ensure the accuracy of KYC files at all times.
KYC reporting:
In line with AML, AIFMD, FATCA and CRS, Royal Escrow has developed a service to prepare and transmit KYC reports on reportable accounts, related financial account information and personal information.
You must complete KYC to be a vetted user and proceed with a trade.
4) Insurance for the seller and buyer:
They are fully insured and only Incases of Disputes May result to a 50/50 split between the party and escrow.
5) Max and min tranches:
6) Time for a seller to be onboarded:
Anytime visit www.royalescrow.com
For more info: https://royalescrow.com/help_topics
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