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aux Emirats (EAU)


An Oil refinery in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for sale,
It concerns a GROUP of integrated companies(all 30 years licenced)

Price: $170,000,000 USD

PLOT: Refinery land plot is 100 % Freehold, owned by the Refinery Owner.
Brief Description
Valuation of assets whichcomprise of factory buildings, Plant,
Machinery &Equipments lying on site
At the time of survey, the site was occupiedby the land lease holder
Property Specifications
The information gathered from the affection plans is as follows:
Surface area
Total Plot Area: 203,364 Sq Ft (18,893.13383 m2)
Purpose of Valuation
We understood the valuation required for internal Purpose Only
Free Hold

Some technical information:

1 - Number of reservoirs 32 Capacity 60,000cbm
  The depth of the pipes 5 m, 4 pipes in the inner port
  Depth 14 meters in number 2 in the main port
3- Products: Naphtha, Kerosene, Diesel, fuel oil
4 - Daily output 1,300 tons,i.e. monthly production 39,000 tons (about 285-290,000 BBL)
5 - There is a laboratory for products’ analysis
6. Establishment in 2008
  A. - Station No. 1 in 2009
  B. Operation of Terminal 2 in Crude Oil Refining in 2011
  C. Operation of Terminal 3 in 2013
  D - Station No. 4 in oil and lubrication manufacturing in 2013


 - Land Plot: Total Plot Area: 203,364 Sq Ft (18,893.13383 m2)
 - Operational refinery
 - 10 Vessels (including tankers)
 - 40 vehicles
 - Tank storage (31)
 - 96 pumps
 - Laboratory + equipment
 - Lubricant plant
 - Office and staff accommodation

The operating capacity of the liquidators is: daily 1,000 Tons up to 1,300 Tons per Day
The nearby port is 400 meters away
Production: Diesel - crude oil – oil– kerosene etc…
Tanks’ Capacity: 60,000 MT (ab. 440,000 BBL)
Storage type: Crude oil refining - Diesel – Oil - Kerosene
There are underground tanks, connected to the connector with underground pipes, extendable in case of increasing the storage tower from the owner.
The shelf life of the refinery: Up to 50 years& + in the case of continuous annual maintenance
There is a maintenance company contracted with the refinery
Machinery Industry installation origin: Indian – German make

NOS Vacuum Distillation Processing Unit:
Virgin Crude is pumped from Storage Tank to the Reboiler at the Atmospheric Distillation Unit,where crude gets itsrequired temperature for the recovery of lighter and Intermediate Naphtha. Naphtha Products are transferred continuously to the storage tanks and Atmospheric Residue is transferred to the first Vacuum Distillation for recovery of Kerosene Product. This Unit Operates at 20 mmHg. Kerosene Product is also transferred continuously to Storage-tanks. The Residue of this unit is transferred to another Vacuum Unit for recovery of Diesel. The residue of this unit is known as Furnace Oil, alsocontinually transferred to Storage Tanks.

There is enough space to increase the number of machines and to increase daily production
But sufficient materials and labour must be available to produce larger daily quantities

IMPORTANT:Requirements for further information:
1. Detailed company LOI
2. POF = Proof of funds

Best Regards,
Patrice Bougerol
(for further data, info to be sent to pbougerol@gmail.com

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